" I am a dreamer. I am , indeed, a practical dreamer. My dreams are not airy nothings. I want to convert my dreams into realities, as far as possible. "

Monday, July 14, 2014

Such a Romantic Wedding!!

Mr. and Mrs.
    What a great weekend for a wedding. The weather was perfect, really beyond perfect. Not too hot , not buggy, or too  windy;  it was just right.
     This was our son's wedding day. It was an outside wedding so I was praying for good weather and God answered our prayers. We couldn't be happier with Kristin as a new member to our family.
   York Harbor Inn is a great place to hold a wedding. The staff there did a great job in getting the reception just right. The food was awesome. Everything went smoothly.
   We are relaxing after such merriment. Watching our garden grow and me working in my craftroom on projects I am either anxious to start or finish.

      I have not done much in my craftroom lately. I have loved working outside
Wedding Card
in my garden. I did make a wedding card for Nathaniel and Kristin. I used
an embossing folder from Sizzix and stamped a flourish at the top. The sentiment is from Stampin Up.
Fresh from the ocean
 We had a lovely time with family on July 4th. The food was fantastic. As you can see we had lobster and clams at my sister, Rochelle's home.

  The spirea has bloomed on our patio. I love the floating pink blossoms. We sit out on the patio in the morning hours to watch our gardens grow. June and into July has been wonderful here. The wedding is over so now we get to sit back and relax and enjoy the summer. Hope you are enjoying yours.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hectic Fun!

 What a hectic few weeks we have had this year. Our son's upcoming wedding this June is right around the corner. We have prayed for good weather for this event and it looks like our prayers will be answered.
 I attended Kristin's bridal shower a few weeks ago and had a great time. She has great friends and a lovely family that we got to meet . They gave her wonderful gifts that will make her honeymoon fun. The hat and sunglasses were just a few great ideas. She got flip flops for each day of the trip. Great ideas....
Ready for the trip!
   Their wedding card was fun to make, too. I used Baroque Motifs as the main part of the design. I had already printed out the Mr. and Mrs. part and just used a Sharpie to dot around the letters. Then I stamped the flourish and added pearls. It came out pretty much as the card I had cased on Pinterest.
Baroque Motifs from Stampin Up!

  We are so excited about the wedding. We have been keeping busy with garden chores such as trimming hedges and trees in the yard. This has been brutal work with the heat and so much trimming to do. But it looks good and we are done!!!
All done...

  The garden is coming along nicely. Russ has worked hard to get it off to a good start. He just finished making trellises for the peas. I haven't take a picture of these yet, but I will for the next post.
  We are also trying to get the lawn back to a nice smooth "carpet" feel . We are fertilizing, weed killing, and watering our brains out. I think it has paid off; although we are by no means done.
  It is an on going process. Seeing good results helps us to keep it up though out the season.

Gardens and lawn looking good.

  My niece from my first husband's family is having a baby. She is looking good and ready to have it soon, I believe. I made her a baby card from some stamps that I  had purchased at the World's Largest Yard Sale at the Cumberland Fairgrounds this spring. It was quite a deal since I only paid $5.00.
  I also got a Mickey Mouse alarm clock that when you push the button you hear Mickey's voice. Again a wicked steal at $5.00. I will have to post a picture next time.
For Megan!
  You definitely need to go to this yard sale. They have it again in the Fall. I will be going again.

  The baby card looks so cute. I love the baby in the bathtub. I used Copic Markers to color the baby and tub. I used yellow and green 'cause I couldn't remember if she is having a boy or girl. I love making baby cards.
  Well, time moves on and the wedding is almost here. This spring has gone by so fast. I loved all the flowers and trees that have been in bloom. I wish they could last a little bit more into summer, but I will take what I can get. Wasn't the apple tree gorgeous. Looks better this year than last year.

Our crab apple tree. . so pretty...
  We will be watching our garden grow and working on our lawn for the rest of the summer. I hope we can get some golfing in this year. That is one of our goals.
  I hope to have a few pictures from the wedding to post next time, too.
  I will leave you with pics of our cauliflower plants and see how they grow....
They are actually taller than this right now.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring is Here!!!

  I am so happy it is finally warming up.. I love it when we put the screens in the door and we can open up the house to let the warm air in. It has been raining off and on the last week, so I have not opened the doors as much as I want. I can't even get some painting done that is on  my list.
  What I did get done with help from my good friend, Elaine , and my husband , is a lovely cushion that we actually custom made together.
It cost me less than $15.00 to make.
  We went to Marden's and bought the foam, batting, and fabric. Russ cut our the plywood to staple everything to and this is the result of us all pulling together. Love it...Comfy, too.
   So that is one item off our list. The other was to paint the shed doors and paint the trim around the windows that Russ added to make the garden shed look wicked better. He did a great job. I just did the painting. Love how it looks. The picture does not do it justice, since I took it through the screen . Trust me, it is so much better.Thank you, Elaine. What a good friend you are to me.....
Taken through the screen window from our bedroom.
   I made a card in the box for my mother for Mother's Day. I made the smaller version which I had never done before. I like how it fits into a standard sized envelope. I used flowers, a bird, and birdhouse 'cause those are the things my mom loves. It is a little bit more work than the standard card, but really fun to do and very creative . You have to think of what to add to the inside of the card to make it fit the person you are giving it to.
Smaller than the usual card in the box.
Well with Mother's Day  is over and I am looking forward to working in my garden and buying plants this year. We already took a trip to The Garden Spot in Pownal. They have a lovely nursery.
  We also for the first time went to Longfellows in Manchester, Maine.
We really liked this place. They have a
big selection of perennials to chose from for my garden.
Longfellows in Manchester
   I bought some purple cone flowers, succulents, and ground cover. Russ picked up some veggie seedlings to be planted when it gets a touch warmer.
   Well, I am off today to my future daughter-in-law's bridal shower. I am so looking forward to getting together with everyone to talk upcoming wedding. We are praying for sunny warm weather as the ceremony is outside in a park setting. What a busy spring it has been!
Soon to be newly weds......

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunny Hop

  I had wicked fun yesterday with  my sister, Rochelle. We worked on favor baskets for our up coming Easter dinner at Warren's in Kittery, Maine.   We decided this year to make reservations at one of our favorite restaurants.
Looking good....yummmy, too......
  Rochelle had had a Stampin Up party at her home
with our demonstrator and friend, Cathy. She showed us how to make the baskets and bunny
outlines. Rochelle and I took it to the next level.
  I had to take my husband to the eye doctor, by the time I got back Rochelle had made all the baskets and the bunny shapes. What a worker!
  I helped her with gluing the ears on and putting a circle on the back for covering the ears.
Bunny tails... hoppity hop...
Cute nose...
We used SU Rose Romance pink ink to give the bunnies a pink hue. So cute. Rochelle bought the tails to put on their butts. I really not sure where she bought them. You will have to "hop" over to her blog at  Creative Corner Studio   Check my blog list,too. . She has some cute projects going on. I hope she has uploaded the Betty Boop card. She showed me it yesterday and it is adorable.
  Anyway, we used Stampin Up's owl punch to make the cute heart nose. It was the perfect size. We used a black marker for eyes and whiskers and we were done.
Add caption
  We will put one at each plate before people sit down to eat.  I think it will be a nice touch.
Rough Royal River

Russ and I have started walking again along the Royal River in Yarmouth. It is quite high this time of year due to the rain and thawing. But it was awesome to see.
  I guess I will get back to my other projects. Looking forward to Easter dinner. My mom is sick with bronchitis so I have been taking care of her. She is better now that she is on antibiotics. We hope to go to church on Sunday. Praying for better health.
  Have a happy Easter Sunday...


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finishing up ....

Rehearsal dinner invites all done....
   I am so pleased that I have the wedding rehearsal invitations all done and ready to go out on May 1st. I love the design 'cause it is simple and to the point. The wedding has a beachy theme so I went with the shells in between initials for Kristin and Nathaniel. I am praying for a beautiful day in June.
   I also finished the Vendor thank you cards for Kristin to use. She asked for a design to match the wedding theme. I used the same stamps I used for the wedding invitations. I really like how they came out. There is a slit in the middle to include a gratuity for the vendor.
   I used my  SU ticket punch, which I love. to make the corners
Getting ready to be thankful......
a little different. The words were typed on  my
computer with different fonts that I have on Microsoft Word.  Kristin is really doing well on her checklist of things to accomplish before the big day. I love how organized she is with the preparations.
  With all the wedding projects done I am turning my attentions to projects that I would like to finish.There are two such projects right now.
  I decided to make a box for the wedding album I made for pictures of the wedding that  probably won't make in the official wedding album by the photographer.  For example: engagement photos, Kristin's wedding dress selection, bridal shower, ummmm... rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, getting ready for the wedding... Pictures like that.
So easy to make..

  I used the black chipboard and cut it with my new cutter I purchased from Stamped Designs. Jeanette is downsizing her store and having a huge sale right now. This cutter was only $10.00. It was a steal and it cuts chipboard like butter. I used 1 inch wide black cardstock to put the pieces together. Score the strips in half and put strips on the outside corners where you don't want the sides to open out. As you can see the top opens out.
Closed box

I am in the process of decorating the box which
is the most fun. I will post pictures of the finished box and wedding album when I am finished.
   Another unfinished project is my 8 x 8 mini album.  I used Graphic 45's By the Sea collection. This is my new favorite paper by this company. I am also using it to make an 8 x 8 mini-album. I am thinking of selling this  album or keeping it for my self. e days for recipes.
  I like to work a little on one project and then turn to another one. It mixes things up a little. My husband made me a stand for my IPad so that I would not get it messy when cooking. I am using Pinterest alot these days for my recipes.
  I painted the stand black and it looked so drab, so I decided to use my Granphic 45 paper to give it a little color and zing. I think it came out pretty good. Finished!!

Before....very plain
After.... a little zing...

 The paper is awesome. I fussy cut some shells out of the paper to show off the theme. My IPad fits in the groove behind the shells nicely. Looks nice on my counter, too.
  I am going to go back and work on the two unfinished projects: The wedding album box and the By the Sea 8 x 8 mini-album. These things take time.....
  I leave you with a picture of a metal ferris wheel I saw two weekends ago while junkie with my sisters in the Bangor area. This one I thought was gorgeous. I costs $200.00. Nothing I could afford. But I happened to see a tutorial for making a paper ferris wheel on Youtube. I am thinking about making one for me.. Not sure I can do it. Need to finish other projects before I give it a whirl... Hee hee, hee....


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Junking Fun!

Love her!
  My sisters and I went junkin' with our husbands last weekend up around Bangor. We had alot of fun. My best find was this planter head. They are usually made out of cement and go for around 150.00. This one is made of fiberglass, I believe.
  I got it half price for 18.00. Color me happy! I have it in my living room right now, but I plan on putting it outside and planting real flowers/ plants in it. I love it when I can get something I want at the price I want. Who doesn't?
  I also had great fun with my friend, Sue. She came over and we worked on a wedding album she wants to give as a gift. I learned a few new tricks myself. Sue makes jewelry , so she had good ideas for her album.
  One idea which I think I am going to use is instead of using wire or a swivel clasp to add my chunky charms to the spine, I am going to use ribbon. Sue came up with this  idea and it looked fabulous!

Love this idea!

The cover....
   We also did some embossing on the spine using my Stampin Up set called Baroque Motifs with the flourish stamp. We embossed it in silver. Love how it came out. Really gives the album an elegant look.    
   The cover was Sue's design. She did a great job. I love the pink and black combination. We used some purple Stickles I had to add a little pizzazz to the front.    
Add caption
   The inside of the album was equally elegant. Sue had brought with her a collection of wedding paper
Add caption
that was perfect for her work.
The roses and tags with lovey sayings made the inside look amazing.
  I had never slanted the belly bands quite so much ,but it really holds in the tags much better than
Add caption

      straight across or up and down. I think I will try this idea, too.
   I went to a Stampin Up party at my sister, Rochelle's house and purchased the new tag punch they had in the catalog. I think this will give a nice look to the tags I use in the future.
   I am working on two projects right now. Well, three if you count finishing up the rehearsal dinner invites. They are almost done.
  The other two are an 8 x 8 album using Graphic 45 By the Sea and some Vendor thank you notes for my son's up coming wedding. I will put pics up of those projects when I am done. I would like to do a video of the 8 x 8 album, but I have to remember how to do it. And I need to buy a tripod which would make my life so much easier. My sister says that Walmart sells them real reasonable. So off I go shopping....wish me luck!            

Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Day, Elaine!

  I finished making my BFF, Elaine her birthday card. It is the Card in a Box design. Love this design. It is so much fun making for someone. I think it is a relatively new card design. I am starting to see this type of card everywhere on the net. I have a board on Pinterest just for this type of card. There are some gorgeous ones out there.
  I cased this card from my Pinterest board. As always I changed some elements to go with materials that I h
Elaine loves flowers.
have on hand.
Another view
 I think I could have
really added a few
more flowers in the middle now that I look at the picture.
But it still looks pretty good.
  I couldn't help using the "Party Chick" stamp on the flap.
I think she is wicked cute. The stamp is from My Favorite Things. There was a tiny ballon that came with the set, but I wanted a bigger one, so I used my Martha Stewart  balloon punch instead.
Love you, Elaine!!!!
  I really like how you can make the back of the box where
you can write a lovely sentiment or poem. As you can see from
what we wrote on the back of Elaine's card that she  is a special person.  
Lenny's card
 I forgot to post the birthday card I made for my future brother-in-law, Lenny. We had a birthday party for him last weekend. It was alot of fun.
  This card I cased from Pinterest, too. I used colors from Lenny's favorite baseball team: The Yankees.  I love using the circles everywhere. I like glitter. Not sure Lenny does that much, but it makes me happy to see glitter anywhere.
  I am now working on making an 8 x 8 album. I have made 6 x 6 albums and thought a larger one might be cool. I love Graphic 45 paper. I am using their newest line: By the Sea. Will be showing you the results as soon as I have it done.
   My friend, Elaine and Sue are finishing up their album projects with a little help from me. They are newbies to this kind of project; although they are both crafty  people. I will show some of their finished work, too. Til next time pray for warmth and no snow.